Not Only for Children: Games in the Islamic World and India Featuring Dr. Qamar Adamjee

Date:     Sunday, February - 02, 2014
Time:    11am
Location:   Palo Alto Art Center 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto

Discover legends of the world’s great games presented by Dr. Qamar Adamjee, Associate Curator of South Asian Art, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. In this talk, curator Dr. Adamjee will take a brief look at the histories, social and literary contexts from which some of the most popular games of our times–chess, backgammon, pachisi, and snakes and ladders–have arisen and survived across many countries and many centuries. An illustrated lecture will take place from 11am-noon (recommended for adults and children), and a family group activity will be available from 11am-1pm (for all ages). The community is invited to bring their board games to the Art Center for an interactive family group session led by Tasmia Hussain.

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