A Children’s Yoga Adventure Celebration Mind, Body, Heart and Art!

Date:     Friday, April - 04, 2014
Time:     4-5pm
Location:   San Leandro History Museum and Art Gallery320 Estudillo Ave., San Leandro

SACHI in cooperation with the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, and in support of the San Leandro Public Library Big Read 2014, is pleased to co-sponsor A Children’s Yoga Workshop celebrating Mind, Body, Heart and Art as part of the Library’s India Festival series.

Children, ages 4-12, are invited to participate in a yoga adventure! Featuring Vishnu’s OHMazing Journeys with Beth Reese, Founder, Yoginos: Yoga for Youth. To register, please call 510-577-3991 from 1-5pm, Wednesday through Friday


The San Francisco Renaissance and Emergence of Integral Yoga and The Founding of the CIF and the CIIS

Date:     Wednesday, April - 02, 2014
Time:    7pm
Location:   2650 Fulton Street, San Francisco

SACHI and Cultural Integration Fellowship (CIF) invite you to explore a very special era in the history and culture of San Francisco.

Joseph Subbiondo, President, CIIS, California Institute of Integral Studies will present an illuminating talk on the San Francisco Renaissance and Emergence of Integral Yoga and the Founding of the CIF and the CIIS. This event is in conjunction with the Asian Art Museum exhibition Yoga: The Art of Transformation (Feb. 21 to May 25, 2014).

Please RSVP; info@sachi.org; 650-918-6335. Limited seating. Light refreshments will be served.

For full details,


Not Only for Children: Games in the Islamic World and India Featuring Dr. Qamar Adamjee

Date:     Sunday, February - 02, 2014
Time:    11am
Location:   Palo Alto Art Center 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto

Discover legends of the world’s great games presented by Dr. Qamar Adamjee, Associate Curator of South Asian Art, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. In this talk, curator Dr. Adamjee will take a brief look at the histories, social and literary contexts from which some of the most popular games of our times–chess, backgammon, pachisi, and snakes and ladders–have arisen and survived across many countries and many centuries. An illustrated lecture will take place from 11am-noon (recommended for adults and children), and a family group activity will be available from 11am-1pm (for all ages). The community is invited to bring their board games to the Art Center for an interactive family group session led by Tasmia Hussain.

For information, email Tasmia.Hussain@cityofpaloalto.org.
RSVP Recommended. For full details


A Confluence of Cultures in the Blue World of Asian Indigo Featuring Visiting Scholar, Padmini Tolat Balaram

Date:     Tuesday, November - 26, 2013
Time:    2pm
Location:   Palo Alto Art Center1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto

The indigo dye is one of the oldest and best known natural colors in
the world. The word “indigo” originally refers to a dye, native to India.
Indian indigo was much sought after for its superior quality and
remained a rare and exotic commodity until the 16th century.
Because of its high value as a trading commodity, indigo was often
referred to as Blue Gold. Please see the invitation link below to learn more about Padmini Tolat Balaram and the event. Lecture fee is $10. For RSVP and inquiries, contact info@sachi.org; tel. 650-918-6335.


A Special Anniversary Event on the Life & Legacy of Artist M.F. Husain

Date:     Saturday, November - 16, 2013
Time:     2pm
Location:   Samsun Hall, Asian Art Museum200 Larkin Street, San Francisco

Please join us for an illustrated talk by Professor Daniel Herwitz entitled “M. F. Husain, Between Modernism and Celebrity.” Presented by SACHI and the Asian Art Museum, Professor Herwitz will use images and words to explore the work of M.F. Husain. The SACHI Annual Meeting will occur at 1:15, followed by a SACHI Commemoration Film Screening at 1:45pm, followed by the Annual Event. Wine and refreshments will be served after the program. For more information, contact info@sachi.org.


A Diwali Celebration!

Date:     Sunday, October - 13, 2013
Time:    2pm
Location:   Samsung Hall, Asian Art Museum200 Larkin Street, San Francisco

SACHI and the Asian Art Museum present a Classical North Indian Flute Concert with G.S. Sachdev on the bansuri (flute) and Swapan Chaudhuri on the tabla.

Tickets for priority seating include museum admission and reception.
$45 SACHI and/or AAM members; $50 non-members
$35 SACHI and/or AAM members; $40 non-members
For priority seating, email info@sachi.org or call 650-349-1247.

For general seating, $15 AAM members, $27 non-AAM members. Purchase online, http://www.asianart.org/ or at museum admission desk. For more information email info@sachi.org or call 650-918-6335.


A Kerala Spice & Cuisine Journey With Dr. Anna Spudich and Chef Srijith Gopinathan

Date:     Sunday, September - 29, 2013
Time:     2-5pm
Location:   The Taj Campton Place, 340 Stockton Street, San Francisco

RSVP required, limited seating, info@sachi.org or 650-918-6335
$50 per person includes food tasking over high tea.

Following an illustrated talk on the Malabar Spice Trade by Anna Spudich, Chef Srijith Gopinathan will share his Culinary Journey discussing his personal experiments with spice route influences in contemporary cuisine. A Food Tasting over High Tea will complement the program. A carefully selected menu will represent an innovative personal take on traditional Kerala dishes the Chef grew up with during his Kerala years.

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From Samarkand to San Francisco: A Zoroastrian Synopsis by Dr. Jennifer Rose

Date:     Sunday, September - 22, 2013
Time:    2:00–3:30 pm
Location:   Samsung Hall, Asian Art Museum
200 Larkin Street, San Francisco

$5.00 after museum admission

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, In collaboration with School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), London,
And Society For Art & Cultural Heritage of India (SACHI) Presents From Samarkand to San Francisco: A Zoroastrian Synopsis by Dr. Jennifer Rose

In a lively, illustrated presentation, Dr. Jennifer Rose will provide an introduction to the Zoroastrian religion, one of the world’s oldest surviving belief systems. From its origins in Bronze Age Central Asia to its evolution across three powerful Iranian empires, and its expansion to India, Europe, and North America, Zoroastrianism has had a profound impact on

Advance reservation recommended.
Follow Buy Tickets link or call 415-581-3531


SACHI, Teamwork, and the Center for South Asia at Stanford University Present An Art & Literary Festival, Eye on India

Date:     Saturday, June - 01, 2013
Time:    2pm
Location:   Cubberly Hall, School of Education
485 Lasuen Mall, Stanford University

American Collectors in an Emergent Indian Art World: Contemporary Indian Art in the Chester & Davida Herwitz Family Collection

An illustrated talk by Prof. Daniel Herwitz

A literary panel discussion follows at 3:30pm with authors Sonia Falerio, Vikram Chandra and Saikat Majumdar.


Babur to Big Bazaar The Art of Mughal Dressing and its Influence on Contemporary Indian Fashion

Date:     Sunday, May - 12, 2013
Time:    3-5pm
Location:   Home of Komal Shah & Gaurav Garg491 Fletcher Drive, Atherton

SACHI and Asian Art Museum Trustee Komal Shah invite you to a Special Event with Enacte Arts

An illustrated talk with live Mughal era like costumes presented by renowned theater director Feisal Alkazi. Tea and refreshments will be served.

Distinguished visiting guests: Ambassador Herbert Traxl and Kathak Dance Exponent, Shovana Narayan.