Support SACHI Through Membership

SACHI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving the Bay Area through rich cultural programming. As a member, you can engage more deeply with the organization and ensure that high-quality programs continue to be offered throughout the year. Here is what members are saying:

“I became a member after a friend invited me to the SACHI Diwali event last year. There was an incredible musical performance, and it was so wonderful to see the excellent work SACHI is doing to promote Indian herritage in the Bay Area. I have found membership very enriching.”



Select the membership level that is most comfortable for you:

Benefactor Level


Benefactor level members contribute to SACHI's success and ability to serve the public through diverse cultural events including musical performances, culinary events, artistic discussions, literary reviews and more. With exciting programs planned for this year and the future, your contribution to SACHI has never been of greater importance.

Patron Level


Patron level members are critical in supporting many of the artists who contribute to the SACHI cultural events. SACHI works closely with artists, museums, authors, and other cultural figures to present public events throughout the year. Patron members support this essential work.

Donor level


Donor level members contribute to SACHI's core mission, promoting the understanding and appreciation of the richness and diversity of the art, culture and heritage of India. SACHI receives the guidance of an international group of eminent leaders and scholars of Indian art and culture.

Contributor level


Contributor level members help ensure SACHI's future programming. Many of SACHI's programs are organized months in advance, so contributor members are supporting SACHI's future success.

Family Level


Purchasing a family level membership allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a SACHI membership as a family. Family outtings to SACHI events can be a wonderful way to engage in cultural events that celebrate the heritage of India.

Individual Level


An individual membership is a wonderful way to become involved with SACHI.