DIving Into The Lake: On the Joys and Challenges of Translating the Ramcaritmanas

Date:     Saturday, November - 19, 2016
Time:    6 pm - 8 pm
Location:   Los Altos, CA

Dr. Paramesh Gopi & Mrs. Priya Krishnan Parameswaran are pleased to invite you to a celebration with SACHI, Society for Art & Cultural Heritage of India, in presenting distinguished scholar Philip Lutgendorf  (Prof. of Hindi and Modern Indian Studies, University of Iowa, and Translator of seven dual-language volumes of the Ramcaritmanas for the Murty Classical Library of India.)

Please join us for an illuminating evening. An Introductory Discussion by Philip Lutgendorf will be followed by a musical discourse and rendering of select verses from the Ramcaritmanas.  Presented by Paramesh Gopi and Philip Lutgendorf in conversation and Priya Krishnan Parameswaran as vocalist.

Limited Seating; By invitation only.  RSVP: info@sachi.org or kalpana@sachi.org; Tel. 650-349-1247